what is goals-based investing?

At its core, goals-based investing separates itself from traditional investing because it focuses on the individual's real-life goals rather than a market benchmark. Simply put, traditional investing asks "where do you want to go?" while goals-based investing asks "how will you get there?"

Horizon has developed a goals-based approach to investing and provides investment strategies customized to meet the individual's goals. On the journey to funding a goal, Horizon has identified three major stages and has designed strategies to achieve the outcomes that each stage demands.

Stage Gain Image

Accumulation of wealth

The period of time when the client is actively investing with the objective of growing assets to fund the goal. At Horizon, we call this the GAIN stage.

Stage Protect Image

Preservation of wealth

The period of time shortly before the actual funding of the goal, when the client’s objective is to ensure that potential investment losses don’t jeopardize the goal. We call this the PROTECT stage.

Stage Spend Image

Distribution of wealth

The period of time when the client’s objective is to actively use their accumulated assets to fund the goal. This is what we call the SPEND stage.


"Goals-based investing enables advisors to help clients identify their most important and meaningful financial goals in life, so they can position their investment capital to aim for those specific key objectives—on time and in-line with their risk tolerance."

Robbie Cannon, CEO of Horizon Investments